Le mie foto all’International Garden Photographer of the Year (IGPOTY) – Photo Project: Monochrome – edizione 2015

Le foto sottomesse quest’anno ad un photoproject (monochrome) dell’IGPOTY, ed i commenti ottenuti. Sono particolarmente affezionata a queste foto, ho lavorato parecchio per ottenerle, sia con la macchina che in post-produzione. Ebbene… eccole qui sotto!

Barbara Vitolo (1)

Foto 1. If you look again you will see that there is a big area of empty space to the left of the flower; try to fill the frame with the subject – turn the camera on its side if it is easier to fill the frame like this.

Barbara Vitolo (2)

Foto 2. Same comment here. You seem to be adjusting exposure values and this is a good thing – but here the situation is so intense in terms of light that you have still lost detail in the white areas. If the light is very bright try to hold your hand over the subject and create a kind of artificial cloud. This will make it easier for the camera to handle bright areas.if you use a tripod of course it is easier to do this.

Barbara Vitolo (3)

Foto 3. This is a nice shot; maybe you could have pushed the leaf out of the way so we get a better view of the bud.

Barbara Vitolo (4)

Foto 4. This is very nice where you have managed to subdue the bright areas of the plant – maybe waiting for a cloud to come over – but also think about filling the frame with the subject as above.> 

These notes have been prepared by Philip Smith, founder of International Garden Photographer of the Year.